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Deportable Crimes for Non-Citizens

Deportable Crimes for Non-Citizens

Deportable Crimes for Non-Citizens

When you are a US citizen, then being found guilty of violating the penal code will result in criminal penalties. However, no one would kick you out of the country. This is not true for immigrants. If immigrants commit certain crimes, they can face possible removal from the US. Being deported from the country is a permanent action and can result in life-long consequences.

What Are Deportable Crimes?

An immigrant can be placed in removal proceedings if they commit a crime of moral turpitude. This classification will most likely be new for people. While each state’s criminal penal code does not have a section that lists every crime of moral turpitude, the courts in the US has said these crimes usually include acts like an aggravated felony, fraud, larceny, murder, rape, drug trafficking, child pornography, and kidnapping. However, the list continues. Committing one of such crimes within your first five years in the US or two or more of these crimes then you are at risk of removal.


The above is by no means an exhaustive list of all the deportable crimes. Other violations of US law include crimes regarding drugs, firearms, espionage and treason, travel, human trafficking and so much more. Everyone though must enter the removal process, which will require appearing at immigration court hearings. Following their criminal proceedings, the immigrant should then have the aid of an immigration lawyer in order to navigate the removal process.

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