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Artist and Union Agreements

Our attorneys at The Law Offices of Sethi and Mazaheri advice on compliance with guild and union contract provisions regarding screen credits and advertising, and the use of excerpts from visual entertainment products for marketing and exploitation.

We also help our clients with artist concerts and tours, artist management, film and television contracts from development to distribution, artist and union contracts, sports and celebrity appearances, support and service contracts in museums, dance and theater theaters. 

The multilingual attorneys in our entertainment law group serve companies in the United States. We can provide professional Spanish, Portuguese, Farsi or English translations of legal documents, including privacy policies. We also actively promote the development of film and television projects to help the local and regional areas where our offices are located.

The attorneys at Sethi and Mazaheri LLC have handled contracts for anchors, producers, directors and writers for over 10 years. We also handle staffing management contracts in the film, television, cable and communications industries nationally and internationally. 

Talent contracts can be very different from regular employment and partnership contracts. Some talent contracts may be part of union contracts and take into account the scope of the industry as well as the current market. The difference is also that contract disputes and even discrimination cases may require the participation of a union representative, and talent may be used to resolve the dispute by working through union proceedings.

Entertainment and talent contracts sometimes do not include full-time talent engagements because they are usually fixed-term and limited, and the compensation regime differs from that of employees and partners. Anyone considering entering into an entertainment and talent contract should seek the advice of a Sethimaz attorney familiar with the special and unusual nature of such contracts. 

Important parts of entertainment and talent contracts are non-competes and covenants. At the Law Offices of Sethi and Mazaheri, we have the expertise to negotiate these contracts to ensure that an executive or talent can continue their career after leaving a particular employer.

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