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The O-1A Visa for the sciences, athletics, and business; The O-1 visa is a short-term employment visa for persons of extraordinary ability in the arts and entertainment, athletics, sciences, business, education, or extraordinary achievement for those in the film and television industry who intend to enter the U.S. to perform specialized work. The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) sets no annual limit on the number of people who can receive O visas.

The O-1 visa category is separated into two groups:

     1) O-1A for the sciences, athletics, and business;

     2) O-1B for artists and individuals in the Motion picture or TV industry.

While the standard of “extraordinary ability” applies to both, the definition of “extraordinary ability” is slightly different for each group. 

Those in the arts must show “distinction” in their chosen fields, namely that they are prominent in their field and have achieved a degree of skill and recognition over and above the general level. 

In both groups, the applicant must show evidence of being nominated for, or being the recipient of, a significant national or international award, OR meet at least three of the following criteria:

O-1A Visa Eligibility

To be considered eligible to submit an O-1A visa petition, you need to make sure to fulfill 3 out of 8 of the following requirements:

  1. Has received a nationally or internationally recognized award;
  2. Holds membership in an organization that requires outstanding achievement;
  3. Published materials about the applicant in professional or trade publications;
  4. Has served as a judge of the work of others;
  5. Has produced original scientific or scholarly work of major significance in the field;
  6. Is the author of scholarly work in professional journals or major media;
  7. Has been employed in a critical role by an entity with a distinguished reputation;
  8. Has received or will receive a high salary or other outstanding remuneration for your services.

Who can apply for an O-1A visa

In the past, we have helped Data Scientists, Software Engineers, Machine Learning Specialists, and Business Intelligence researchers like you to prove their outstanding contribution to American society and to obtain the O-1A visa. We have a high success rating for candidates who are truly exceptional in their scientific field and who are looking to reach the American dream and being able to work in the US doing what they enjoy doing.

If you feel that after reading this article that you are a perfect candidate for an O-1A visa, please do not hesitate to contact us at Sethi & Mazaheri. Our staff of attorneys and paralegals will be eager to start working on your case as soon as possible, and before you know it, the O-1A visa will be issued to you.

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