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Know Your Rights
Know Your Rights! 1920 1080 The Law Offices of Sethi & Mazaheri

Know Your Rights!

In the midst of widespread fear by many, as ICE raids are approaching and occurring, it is important to know what actions to take and what actions to avoid. President Trump has postponed a massive ICE operation that could have targeted thousands of families who have received deportation orders. Whether a US citizen or not,…

Diversity Immigrant Visa
Diversity Immigrant Visa 1600 1131 The Law Offices of Sethi & Mazaheri

Diversity Immigrant Visa

Established in 1990, the Diversity Immigrant Visa (visa lottery) is a lottery system that awards 50,000 immigrants every year with a Green Card, granting them permanent residency. The visa lottery is aimed at attracting immigrants from diverse backgrounds; the individuals are randomly chosen from a defined set of countries who have lower rates of migration…

Appeal an Immigration Decision
How To Appeal an Immigration Decision 2507 1673 The Law Offices of Sethi & Mazaheri

How To Appeal an Immigration Decision

Appealing an Immigration Decision The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has the ability to approve or deny immigration applications. Some think that rejection is final, but that is not necessarily the case. The applicant can appeal the decision to the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO). With the counsel of an experienced immigration attorney, there can…

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