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Entertainment Division

The Law Offices of Sethi & Mazaheri represent entertainment, advertising, and media clients and other content creators who produce, acquire, license, operate and invest in film, television, music, and digital content for global distribution. Our team also represents celebrities and entertainers in various legal matters, including endorsement and sponsorship agreements. 

We regularly assist with production and distribution issues related to financing, copyright, trademarks, syndicates, regulation, and contractual agreements across various media channels and formats. 

We help clients resolve issues to minimize the risk of costly litigation and provide solutions that arise from new technologies.

Our team advises clients on infringement, advertising, licensing or financial disputes, and the use of unlicensed images or content appearing on the Internet or other media.

Entertainment, media and advertising companies need lawyers who can quickly and efficiently help in international and multidisciplinary matters. Intellectual property rights, advertising rights, transactional media and digital technology are at the heart of our entertainment law. We regularly work with entertainment clients in the following areas:


We have a deep understanding of digital media development, production and distribution. Our team has extensive experience in dealing with industry-specific issues such as content production, rights acquisition and licensing; Analyzing defamation, privacy, copyrights and trademarks; and preparing all types of contracts for worldwide digital distribution and licensing of digital media content.

Our attorneys work with clients to develop their business by developing robust documentation, including public materials (eg, website terms of use and privacy policies) and their internal cybersecurity, privacy, incident response and employee practices (eg, access; social media) . 

We advise clients on compliance with federal and state requirements such as:

and similar comprehensive state privacy laws. 

We also advise our clients on the use of data analytics, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in online advertising, marketing and sales and other uses of personal data. 

We handle online copyright claims and investigate and address intellectual property issues.

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