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Audio and Visual Productions

The world of entertainment has changed and some of the most successful companies have recently focused their activities on social networks, digital publishing, movie and music downloads, streaming audio and video content, and online positioning.

From startups developing cutting-edge platforms to next-gen entertainment to leaders in streaming and online gaming, most every business across the United States is constantly evolving and navigating this landscape.

Our lawyers understand the business dynamics of the market and business drivers, which allows us to anticipate problems and find solutions quickly, and work seamlessly with our intellectual property team, as well as legal and management teams, to offer industrial customers comprehensive services and mature products:


Advertising Law

  •  Advertising Approval 
  •  Advertising Cases 
  •  Competitive Advertising Cases 
  •  Consumer Class Actions 
  •  Digital Marketing Law 
  •  Direct Marketing Law 
  •  Cross-Selling 
  •  Marketing Contracts 
  •  Customer Terms of Use, Privacy Policies, and Site Registration web anti-spam 
  •  Copyright and patents Invention and trademark protection, litigation and advice 
  •  Legal objection and access to computer data 
  •  Online promotions and contests, loyalty programs and contests 
  •  Advertising regulation guidelines 
  •  Mergers and digital acquisitions, media companies.


Sports Law

  •  Sponsorship Agreements 
  •  Buying and Selling Professional Sports Teams 
  •  Media Rights Agreements 
  •  Player Contracts 
  •  Major Sports Events 
  •  Stadium and Arena Development 
  •  Sports Team Financing 
  •  Proposals to Organize a Sports League 
  •  Investigations and disciplinary licensing offices with 
  •  providers


Media, Broadcasting and Publishing Law

  •  Digital Media 
  •  Social Networks, Online Privacy and Social Media 
  •  Complex Technology and Digital Media Agreements 
  •  Content Licensing, Production, Acquisition and Distribution Agreements 
  •  Publishing Agreements 
  •  Licensing 
  •  E-Commerce 
  •  Distribution (Digital and Print) 
  •  Defamation, privacy and publicity 
  •  Data protection 
  •  Audiovisual piracy 
  •  Mergers, joint ventures and strategic alliances


Entertainment Law

  •  Live Event and Tour Sponsorship Contracts 
  •  Copyright, Trademarks and Advertising 
  •  Acquisition, Licensing, Evaluation and Distribution of Intellectual Property 
  •  Audio and Video Production 
  •  Music Licensing and Publishing 
  •  Concerts and Artist Tours 
  •  Commercial and television and film deals 
  •  Artists and television development 
  •  Distribution 
  •  Live entertainment and television 
  •  Sports and celebrity appearances, sponsorships and service agreements 
  •  Museums, dance and theater 
  •  Theme park development and management

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