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Financing and Private Equity Investments

The Banking and Finance Act governs the organization, ownership and operations of banks and depository banks, mortgage banks, other financial service providers regulated or licensed by state or federal banking regulators, and holding companies (“banking and other financial organizations”). 

This also includes representing banks and other financial organizations in lending to borrowers and complying with consumer and other laws that apply to financial services provided by banks and other financial institutions. Banking and financial practices vary from company to company. 

Extensive banking and financial law practice includes advice and representation not only in relation to lending and regulatory compliance, but also in relation to trusts, securitization, payment systems, electronic banking, information security and risk management. It also includes mergers, corporate organizations and ownership issues involving holding companies, banks and other regulated entities. 

Banking and finance practices require, and therefore often include, specific skills for banks to handle common litigation, such as class actions under consumer financial protection laws. Banking and finance lawyers constantly help their clients respond to official investigations and sometimes resolve enforcement actions.

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