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Artist Concerts and Touring

It takes a lot of work to get cultural events out of the ideas stage and off the ground. 

Any major event or festival requires a certain amount of navigation, and thus an attorney who knows how to guide people through the logistics gauntlet. 

From live concerts to festivals to sporting events or world tours, Sethimaz is an entrenched advocate who knows the ins and outs of the industry. 

 We have focused on the entertainment industry for over 10 years. Today, we are a highly recognized law firm in many areas of the entertainment industry, including all aspects of modeling and publishing. 

The following are the types of entertainment, events, concerts and festivals products offered by Law Offices of Sethi and Mazaheri:

  • Music Festivals
  • World Tours
  • Concerts
  • Comedy Festivals
  • Fashion Weeks
  • Major International Events
  • Sporting Events
  • University Events
  • Food and Wine Tasting Events
  • Summer Rooftop Pop ups with Food, Beverages and Music
  • Charity Events
  • Film Productions
  • Television, Cable and Netflix Specials
  • Stage Productions
  • Film Festivals
  • State and County Fairs
  • Political Events
  • Arts Festivals
  • Major Museum Events
  • Golf, Tennis, Running, Cycling, and Racing Tournaments and Events
  • Gaming Tournaments
  • Sports Festivals
  • International Sporting Events
  • Vendor and Speaker Conventions
  • Social Media Conventions
  • Winery Events and Concerts
  • Christmas Markets
  • Major Private Events
  • Event Sponsor Parties
  • Dance Competitions
  • Marathons
  • Street Festivals
  • Beach Festivals
  • 4th of July Events
  • Holiday Festivals
  • Literary Festivals
  • Renaissance Festivals
  • Heritage Festivals

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