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A Personalized Approach to Immigration!

Our firm is committed to providing personalized representation to individuals seeking to enter and remain in the United States.

Our areas of practice include all types of immigrant and non-immigrant visas, citizenship, defense against removal/deportation, waivers, asylum, and complex federal litigation related to immigration law.

Navigating the immigration process can be burdensome and confusing, which is why our attorneys are fastidious in ensuring that all clients are well-informed about their case.

Sethi & Mazaheri’s offices are located in NYC, NJ, and the DC Metropolitan Area, and our representation of clients extends across the globe.

Our firm offers clients direct and immediate access to an attorney at all stages of representation.  Further, our support and assistance extend globally, irrespective of the country a client is located in.

If you have been discovered by immigration authorities, we can provide zealous representation during removal proceedings and subsequent appeals!


Don’t worry about the cost
We don’t want to add to your financial stress during this time of uncertainty in your life. That’s why we offer a free evaluation of the merits of your case along with a deduction of your consultation fees may we proceed with your case to give you comfort.

Our Locations

NYC, NJ, DC Metro Area

Our immigration lawyers are located in NYC, NJ, and the DC Metro Area, and are ready to represent clients in need of services throughout the US. Our firm navigates clients through USCIS regulations, ensuring that applicants for immigrant visas, non-immigrant visas and naturalization will promptly meet all requirements of USCIS.

In Consulates and Embassies

One must obtain entry to the country through a US consulate or embassy. Each consulate/embassy is run by the US Department of State and each has its own particular nuances in processing applications. Our attorneys are ready to advise and guide clients on the complex issues involved in entering the US though a consulate/embassy.

Personalized representation globally

in all types of immigration matters.


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Who We Are

Who We Are