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What is E-Verify in the Immigration System?

What is E-Verify in the Immigration System?

There are many individuals in the US who have come due to receiving employment opportunities. However, how is an employer to know if the person they want to hire is even eligible to work in the US? That’s where the Department of Homeland Security’s system comes in to play: E-Verify. E-Verify is an electronic system that employers can use to verify and confirm the employee’s work eligibility. It was put into force by the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996.

How Does E-Verify Work?

Employers are required to file Form I-9 for an employee. The information from Form I-9 is entered into the system in order to check work eligibility. The info is compared against the government’s records in Homeland Security and Social Security Administration. The system is quick and provides results in no time. The results indicate whether the employee is, in fact, eligible to work in the US or not. If the employee isn’t eligible, then the problem has to be worked out immediately. While E-Verify is not mandatory in the hiring process, it is mandatory for employers with federal contracts and employers in states with laws that make it a required eligibility check.


Hundreds of thousands of employers use E-Verify in the US. Just because someone is living in the US and has applied for a position does not mean they are legally allowed to work in the US. Given that employers do not want to operate an illegal workplace, it becomes vital that they check work eligibility, which E-Verify does in seconds. An important aspect, especially for immigrants, is that E-Verify does not disclose to the employer the immigration status of the employee. The results provided by E-Verify only have to do with the employee’s employment eligibility.

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