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Immigrants Must Have Proof of Health Insurance

Immigrants Must Have Proof of Health Insurance

Immigrants Must Have Proof of Health Insurance

In line with President Trump’s restrictive stance on immigration, the federal administration issued a new presidential proclamation. This new rule would ban the entry of new immigrant applicants if they do not have proof of health insurance in the US. Issued only a few days ago, the rule would require the applicant to provide proof that they will have insurance coverage within 30 days of entering the country.

The rule will be enforced beginning on November 3rd and has been issued as the President claims immigrants burden the healthcare system – and taxpayers. That would mean immigrants would not be able to claim Medicaid or the Affordable Care Act as possible healthcare plans. The proclamation also requires immigrants to prove they can pay for any foreseeable medical costs. However, there is no clarification on such costs.

Possible Hurdles and Problems for Proof of Health Insurance

Once enforced, the rule for proof of health insurance would make it difficult for low-income immigrants to enter the US. The plan has to be an unsubsidized one and such healthcare plans are not necessarily cheap. This can prove to be a burden for the most vulnerable. There is little clarification on how someone would prove they would get insurance within 30 days of entry.

This may require showing you’ve already purchased a plan before entering, or that you have the funds necessary to purchase one within 30 days. However, it is unclear how a person without a US medical history would be able to purchase a plan without ever having been in the US.

As the other new immigration rules have been swiftly challenged in the courts, it is reasonable to assume that this one will be challenged as well. As such, all those planning on immigrating to the US should seek the advice of an experienced immigration attorney in order to navigate the process.

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