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New Trump Immigration Rule

New Trump Immigration Rule

New Trump Immigration Rule

President Trump’s stance on immigration can be drastic and extreme. Most of the conversation around immigration has to do with Trump advocating for a border wall with Mexico. However, besides the physical barriers, Trump has been building, new rules and procedures have also come into effect in order to restrict immigration to the US. The most recent one (announced just a few days ago) deals with permanent residency. In the US, green cards are issued, giving recipients permanent resident status in the US. The new rules, though, will change whether some applicants can still receive a green card.

New Trump Immigration RuleNew rules affect low-income immigrants

The administration’s new rules have been introduced so that permanent residents are self-sufficient, as those who have too low of an income, have used social benefits, or do not meet education criteria will no longer receive green cards. Essentially, those who lose under the new rules are low-income immigrants. These rules apply to not only those who wish to enter the US, but also the many immigrants who are in the US and wish to adjust their legal status. Nonetheless, there are some exceptions to whom the rules apply, including those who received emergency medical care and refugees (but the latter cannot receive government aid anyway).

Many immigrants in the US work but given the increased barriers they face, and other challenges, some require assistance from public aid like food stamps. Those who receive aids like these will now face the possibility of not receiving a green card once eligible. Navigating the rules (especially as they change drastically) can be a daunting task. If an individual wants to apply for permanent residency, it is important that they speak with an experienced immigration lawyer in order to understand their case and possible legal options.

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