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I-485 Interview Preparation

I-485 Interview Preparation

Did USCIS send you an appointment notice for your I-485 interview? Don’t get anxious about the interview; almost everyone who wants to adjust their status has to interview. Before making a final decision on your green card, the US immigration officials attempt to better know the applicant and the genuineness of the case by meeting them in person. Getting well prepared for the interview gives you the advantage of getting your green card approved. In this article, you will find the common questions asked at the I-485 interview and some tips you should consider before appearing for the interview. 

I-485 Interview preparation

The I-485 interview is the last step in your green card application. It is your time to feel excited! You have to go through specific questions that will determine the genuineness of your application. Typically, you can choose either a family-based green card route or an employment-based green card route for your green card. Although the process involved in either is the same, you may find yourself preparing for different interview questions. Below is the list of questions you can expect at the time of the interview: 

Expected questions for a marriage-based green card

While you cannot be sure what questions an interviewing officer will ask, the following are some of the most often asked questions to couples: 

  • How, when, and where did you meet your spouse?
  • How long did you date before deciding to get married?
  • What is your spouse’s date of birth?
  • Where did your spouse work when you met him/her?
  • What was your wedding like?
  • Did you and your spouse go on a honeymoon? If yes, where? 
  • What rituals were performed at your marriage?
  • What medications does your spouse take?
  • How much is your spouse’s salary?
  • Does your spouse have any financial liability?
  • What type of work does your spouse do?
  • What is daily life like for you and your spouse around the house?
  • Who cleans the house? 
  • Who does the grocery shopping? 

These are just random samples of potential questions. In practice, USCIS may ask several questions to ascertain if you and your spouse are genuinely married. Most of the questions are related to your daily routine, history with your spouse, and your wedding. You need not portray an ideal marriage, instead, be honest with your answers, and the interviewing officer will soon establish the genuineness of your marriage. 

Expected questions for an employment-based green card

A USCIS official will ask you specific interview questions related to your employment and examine your application to assess your eligibility for the green card. Additionally, the officer will verify the authenticity of the facts and papers supporting your employer’s I-140 petition. You can expect the following questions at the interview: 

  • What is your educational background?
  • Whom are you going to work with in the US?
  • Where will you work?
  • What are the duties and salaries of the job profile outlined in the I-140 petition?
  • What are the past job experiences that qualify you for the position outlined in the I-140 petition?
  • Whether your sponsoring employer still intends to employ you in the job outlined in the I-140 petition?
  • Whether you still intend to work in the job outlined in the I-140 petition?

These are some of the sample questions typically asked in the interview. It would help if you prepared yourself for all the job-related questions outlined in the I-140 petition. 

I-485 Interview Preparation 1

Tips for the I-485 Interview

It is always beneficial to follow some tips to get the right mindset and prepare well for the interview. You can take help from the following information for your interview: 

Practice the expected interview questions

It’s critical to practice before your interview as that will help you to present yourself with more confidence at the interview. The practice seems helpful for questions related to your marriage, even more so if one spouse is prone to forgetfulness. So, go to the interview well-prepared to better encounter the unexpected questions and leave a genuine case impression before the interviewing officer. 

Be Honest

The most crucial element while at the interview is to be honest to every question asked to you. Don’t make things if you forget the facts. If you mislead the interviewing officer about the facts, you will be increasing the chances of getting your green card application rejected. 

Reach on time

Reaching on time at the interview will keep you relaxed and better prepare your mind for the interview. So, plan all your activities a day before your interview and execute with full effectiveness. 

Give mock interviews

If you are anxious about the outcome of your interview and worried that you might spoil things at the interview, you can always go for mock interviews. Hire an experienced immigration attorney who will expose you to the interviewing environment and grill you for your interview. 

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Overall, your green card interview is not too complex, but you should be prepared well for your interview even then. We hope that this article has cleared your interview-related doubts. In case of any ambiguity related to the process or your visa interview, you can drop all of your doubts on our “contact us” page, and we hope to clear all your queries. 

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