Fear of persecution in your home country?

At the Law Firm of Sethi & Mazaheri, we are dedicated to providing representation for individuals seeking asylum in the US. Due to the complexity of immigration laws and procedures, it is critical to consult an attorney with the knowledge and expertise to help you in your asylum case. Our asylum lawyers have the skills, resources, and experience to help our clients succeed in their case.

The attorneys at Sethi & Mazaheri, LLC, have successfully filed numerous asylum applications for individuals possessing a fear of persecution in their home country. If you or your loved one needs an Asylum Lawyer, please contact us.

Who Qualifies for Asylum?

The right of asylum is available to those who face persecution in their home countries. In order to qualify under existing US immigration law, a person must demonstrate that he or she has been a victim of persecution in their home country in the past or that he or she possess a “well-founded fear” persecution in the future on account of one of the following characteristics:

  • religion,
  • political opinion
  • race
  • nationality, or
  • membership in a social group

An application must be supported by evidence of the likelihood of harm. Therefore, the application must be thorough and well researched and generally include factual and legal arguments. Click here to find out about the method we use to construct a successful application.

When Should An Applicant Apply For Asylum?

Generally, asylum applications must be filed within one year after entry into the United States. However, two exceptions exist to the one-year deadline: extraordinary circumstances and changed circumstances.

Some examples of such exceptions include grave illnesses, changes within the home country that raise the risk of persecution, and changes in the applicant’s status or personal activities that increase or introduce the risk of harm in the home country.

Can I Apply For Asylum In A Removal or Deportation Proceeding?

If you are in removal proceedings before an Immigration Judge, asylum is available as a defense to deportation.

“We vigorously represent anyone with pressing immigration law issues, in particular, members of the LGBTQ community, political and civil activists, and religious minorities.”

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