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3 Tips to Avoid Immigration Visa Delays

3 Tips to Avoid Immigration Visa Delays

Unfortunately, the United States immigration process can move very slowly. In some cases, visa applications are stuck in processing for months or even longer. One of the most common questions that folks ask from an immigration attorney is how to expedite my visa application? In this post, our New York visa delay attorneys offer three ideas to help prevent immigration delays, and we explain ways to get the application out of administrative processing.

Three Tips You May Use to Prevent Immigration Delays

The easiest method to expedite your visa petition is to make sure that you have prepared a complete, well-supported immigration package. In some instances, delays happen due to relatively small mistakes in a visa application. Listed below are three specific tips which you can use in order to avoid visa delays:

  • Get It Organized: To greatly help make sure that the visa application process is certainly as smooth and efficient as possible, it’s best practice to carefully organize all relevant documents, records, and information as soon as possible. Be proactive.
  • Make Sure Your Application is Complete: A visa delay may appear if an incomplete application is submitted. Unfortunately, USCIS might not notify you immediately that key details are missing. The complete process may grind to a halt.
  • Professional Help is Obtainable: In case you are struggling with a part of the visa application course of action, you are not alone! It is really complicated. Usually, do not hesitate to get professional assistance and support from a skilled immigration attorney. Just a little help now can help you save lots of time and money later on.

A Mandamus Lawsuit Might Help End the Delay of Your Visa Petition

Probably the most frustrating area of the U.S. immigration procedure is that even if your case is done, it still ends up stuck and delayed in administrative processing. The good thing is that you hold an option open to overcome an unreasonable visa delay. Under a federal statute called the Administrative Procedure Act (APA), government agencies–including USCIS–are required to render decisions within an acceptable period of time.

If your visa petition is delayed, our N.Y. immigration lawyers will help you file a mandamus action. Also called a ‘writ of mandamus,’ a mandamus action can be a lawsuit that compels a government agency to surpass its responsibilities under federal law. You may use a mandamus action to obtain a decision on your own application and overcome a visa delay.

At Sethi and Mazaheri, our New York and New Jersey visa delay lawyers have the skills and expertise to get your application out of administrative processing. We can help if you are waiting for a decision on your immigration application. To schedule a confidential case evaluation with one of our immigration attorneys, contact us now. 

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