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Who Are Entertainment Lawyers, and What Do Entertainment Lawyers Do?

Entertainment Lawyers


Law is a very diverse field, and there are many practice areas in which an attorney can opt to apply his legal knowledge. Entertainment law is becoming popular because of digitization, the reach of entertainment sources has reached worldwide, and it also invites the burden of protecting one from potential legal challenges. Here comes the role of entertainment lawyers who protect and advise the entertainment industries related to potential actions of breaching any law. In this article, we will see who entertainment lawyers are and what entertainment lawyers do? 

Who are entertainment lawyers? 

Entertainment lawyers practice their expertise of law and advice and protect entertainment industries such as film industries, TV shows, radio programs, or other sources that are used for entertainment. An entertainment lawyer knows various legal fields that are used to practice, such as knowledge of Intellectual property rights (copyright or trademark), knowledge of labor laws, knowledge in contractual laws, etc. 

What do entertainment lawyers do? 

Like most lawyers, entertainment lawyers perform all the essential services for the clients required to resolve their dispute. For example: 


An entertainment lawyer may negotiate the terms on behalf of his client with the other party. Negotiating is an essential part of lawyering skills, and in the case of the entertainment field, entertainment lawyers regularly deal with contract formation. A good negotiator always proves to be an asset for the client. 


An entertainment lawyer may advise his party on legal technicalities to protect the client from potential legal claims. Entertainment lawyers hired by talent and production personnel must respect labor and employment regulations, whether written law from a federal or state government or a negotiated union contract. Entertainment lawyers must know the aspects of labor, employment, and IP law as a complex case may involve various aspects of the law. 


Drafting can be an essential part of the duties of an entertainment lawyer. A client (entertainment industry) may require the drafting of legal documents for running its daily business from time to time. So an entertainment lawyer has to know how to draft documents such as a copyright license or a hiring contract or infringement notice, etc. In the field of entertainment law, non-compete agreements are common. A production business can seek to nurture and promote talent. They may require promises from the talent that they will not work for the competition for a period of time after their employment with the company has ended. A non-compete agreement prohibits a competitor’s talent from working for the competition.


Even carefully designed contracts might lead to entertainment legal disputes. People and organizations in the entertainment sector resort to litigation when they have disagreements. An entertainment lawyer also litigates on behalf of the client if the third party has sued the client for breach of their IP rights or any other claim. 

How much does it cost to hire an entertainment lawyer?

Entertainment lawyers charge for their services in a variety of ways, and the agreed-upon manner of compensation must be included in the written agreement between the parties. Like other attorneys in the United States, they typically charge an hourly rate (sometimes needing a retainer before beginning work), a contingency fee agreement, a flat fee arrangement, or a mix of the three.

The fees of hiring an entertainment lawyer will depend on the knowledge and experience of the entertainment lawyer and the subject matter for which the party needs the help of the entertainment lawyer. You cannot expect to hire an entertainment lawyer at relatively low prices. You will be lucky if someone is ready to provide you with his services at low prices. Entertainment lawyers have comprehensive knowledge of their practice area and have developed skills from intense hard work. So, be ready to spare some dollars to hire a good entertainment lawyer for your business. 

How does someone become an entertainment lawyer?

The nature of an entertainment lawyer’s profession is quite specialized. They have to get substantial education in order to be competent in their field of practice. The knowledge includes legal knowledge, and they should know the practical areas of practicing law like dealing with the client, negotiating the terms of the agreement, putting effective arguments in the court, drafting precise legal documents, etc. 

The first step in becoming an entertainment lawyer is to complete your bachelor’s in law and be registered as an attorney with the American bar association. Also, as part of their law school, if someone is planning to become an entertainment lawyer doing an internship with practicing entertainment lawyers, that will greatly help them groom their skills. 

From where can I hire an entertainment lawyer? 

Hiring an entertainment lawyer may be difficult for a business or individual. The main question is who is the right person for the work. You can read about the individuals practicing as entertainment lawyers on their Linkedin profile or check their law firms or get the reference from persons previously served by them. If you are getting free consultation, you should get it, that will help you greatly make your choice. 


Entertainment industries are growing, and so do the people practicing in the entertainment field as lawyers. If you require any help, you can contact us, and our attorneys will be delighted to help you. 

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