Immigration Process Is Taking Longer Than Usual

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When you are applying for immigration, the Immigration processing may take longer than usual as the processing time for each application is different. The processing time of the immigration application is dependent on various factors.

Suppose your application is with the National Visa Centre (NVC). In that case, you can call the NVC to check your application status, or if your application is with the US Embassy, you can contact it through mail or phone.

How long do I have to wait after putting in an inquiry?

In case your immigration type is not listed, you may have to wait for a period extending up to six months from filing. 

How would I know if the processing of my case is still active at the office?

In case your visa is being actively processed, you may receive a notice about your case or response to a request for evidence (RFE), or you may receive an online update to your case status during the past 60 days. 

How can I find the office handling my case?

You can find the field office handling your case by entering your ZIP code on the website of USCIS at ( 

Can I have my petition transferred to another service center?

The simple answer is NO. The petitioners or applicants cannot request the transfer of their case to another service center to receive faster processing. The only way this can be done is internally by USCIS. However, the viable option is to request an “expedite” for faster adjudication. 

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