Immigration Appeal

Has the USCIS denied your immigration Appeal for the grant or extension of a visa?

Are you unhappy or unsettled with the USCIS decision and are curious whether you can do anything or not?

What is an immigration appeal?

How can I file an immigration appeal before AAO?

To file an appeal to the AAO, you must file Form I-290B, Notice of appeal or motion. 

How can I file an immigration appeal before BIA?

 The Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) is the highest administrative body for interpreting and applying immigration laws in the US. 

Do I need to submit a brief with an appeal?

What is the difference between an appeal and a motion?

Does Oral Arguments take place in an appeal to BIA or AAO?

What is the filing fee for an appeal?

Other Questions

Don’t be disappointed if the USCIS rejects your application. You might have other options to get it approved. In most cases, you have an opportunity to appeal the decision to AAO or BIA.