COVID 19 Travel  Related Ban

Because of COVID 19, there is a travel ban put by the US government to prevent the spread of the new virus in the United States. The ban is specific to certain countries experiencing a surge in their daily coronavirus cases or who have a very high infectious rate and can spread the virus in the United States. 

At present, four presidential proclamations suspend entry into the United States. These proclamations will apply to non-citizens who are physically present in the 33 countries during the 14 days preceding their entry or attempted entry into the United States.  

1. Presidential Proclamation 9984 (China) 2. Presidential Proclamation 9992 (Iran)   3. Presidential Proclamation 10143 (Schengen Area, United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, and South Africa);  4. and Presidential Proclamation 10199 (India).

The four proclamations are: 

National Interest Exception or NIE allows traveling to the US despite travel bans from certain countries. You request for NIE if you live in one of those countries, and if granted, you can travel to the United States. 

Who can apply for NIE? 

Flight Path

The embassy or consulate may support issuing of Individual NIEs in some cases, and the suggestion will be forwarded to the Department of State for consideration.

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