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Eb-1 Visa

Commercial Success in the Performing Arts

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What is performing arts? 

Performing arts is the form of artistic activity that takes place in front of an audience. It will include dance shows, music shows, theatre, opera, circus, etc.

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What is commercial success? 

Collins Dictionary defines commercial as ” involving or relating to the buying and selling of goods” and success as “someone or something that makes a lot of money…..”  

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So, commercial success in performing arts means that the performing arts have made a lot of money commercially.

How can I satisfy the requirements of the criterion, “Evidence of your commercial success in the performing arts?”

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The USCIS evaluating officer will try to determine your role in the commercial success of performing arts. Not only does it require that you are involved in a performing art that has made commercial success, but also you have to show that you are substantially linked to the cause of the success and that your contributions to the success play a significant role.

What if I am not famous but making relatively higher money? 

Many performing artists are making relatively high amounts of money, but they are not well known in public. 

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