What Is Form I-94?

and How Do I Obtain One?

Proof of Legal Visitor Status

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The I-94 form is used to maintain track of non-citizens entering and departing the United States.

Who needs an I-94 Form?

Most foreign visitors who are visiting the US are issued a Form I-94 upon arrival. US citizens and lawful permanent residence in the US are not issued Form I-94.

What is the automation of Form I-94? 

US Customs and Border Protection(CBP) has automated Form I-94 in May 2013 at air and seaports of entry to improve efficiency, save operational costs, and expedite the admissions process.

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How do I obtain an I-94 Card?

Aliens who are traveling to the US by air or sea will be issued an electronic I-94 travel record upon arrival by a CBP officer.

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What impact does the new I-94 automation have on international passengers' entrance into the United States?

Other Questions

Can I apply for I-94 before arrival in the US? 

Does I-94 expire? 

What if you stay past your I-94 expiration? 

If you are traveling to the US and have some queries related to your I-94 form, you are welcome to ask our attorneys any of your concerns.