What Crimes Disqualify You From Getting a Green Card or Visa?       

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If you plan to come to the US or apply for a green card, you must keep yourself away from committing criminal activities, resulting in denying your visa or green card, crimes disqualify you from getting a green card.

What crimes disqualify you from getting a green card or visa? 

A list of crimes are written under section 212(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act or 8 USC § 1182(a), which are deemed as grounds of inadmissibility. 

Conviction-related crime

Multiple Criminal Conviction

Traffickers in persons 

Controlled Substances Crime

Prostitution and Commercialized Vice 

Money Laundering 







Crimes that could disqualify you from getting a visa are:

How does USCIS discover/find your criminal record?

When you apply for a US visa, you must answer about your past conviction or arrest for a crime, if any.

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You must not lie on your application as your lies can be discovered, which could lead to the revocation of any future immigration benefit. 

What is a waiver? 

It is not a golden rule that you will become inadmissible for obtaining a visa once you commit a crime. For certain crimes, you can request a waiver, i.e., legal forgiveness for your crime. 

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However, you should not fear if you have committed a crime that could make you inadmissible.