Ways to Appeal a USCIS Decision

Can I do anything if I get an adverse decision from the USCIS? You probably might have thought about it. YES, you can appeal a USCIS decision to AAO (Administrative Appeals Office) or BIA (the Board of Immigration Appeals ).

What will happen if I appeal a USCIS decision? 

 The USCIS office that made the original decision will first review the appeal and determine whether to grant the requested immigration benefit or not. You need to file different forms depending upon the petition the decision was given. 

I received a decision from the USCIS rejecting my immigration petition. How will I know whether I can appeal the decision or not?

What are the ways to appeal a USCIS immigration decision?  

Typically, all the immigration decisions by the USCIS can be appealed by filing Form I-290B (Notice of Appeal or Motion); however, there are certain exceptions to that.

If you think that your case can be appealed but are unsure which form to use, you can contact us. Our experienced immigration attorneys have helped many to get their original decision reversed in their favor, and you might be lucky to get yours too.