Different Visa Options Available for Managers and Executive

Companies must build strong worldwide identities in this age of globalization. Businesses that want to expand outside their territorial boundaries must establish international bases and staff them with skilled, experienced administrators and executives. 

The purpose of an EB-1 visa is to allow permanent residence to certain multinational Executives, managers, and people with extraordinary abilities in science, art, or business in the US. 

EB-1 Immigrant Visa

The L-1A nonimmigrant visa is the visa that allows a US-based employer to transfer an executive or manager in the US from its affiliated offices located in other countries. It also allows an executive from a foreign company to establish a business affiliation in the US.  

L-1A Nonimmigrant Visa

The E visa is issued to treaty traders and investors entering the US under a treaty of commerce and navigation between the US and their native country. There are two types of E visas issued to managers and executives, i.e., E-1 and E-2 visas. 

E-Nonimmigrant Visa (E-1 and E-1)

Visas are offered in the US for some qualified managers and executives to either make an intra-company move from their home base to a US-based office or allow new businesses to establish their business affiliations in the country.

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