O-1  Vs.  Eb-1

Differences Between  O-1 and  Eb-1a Visa

The US always welcomes aliens who possess extraordinary ability to come and work in the US. If you have that skill, you can either apply for an O-1 Visa or an EB-1 Visa.

The O-1 Visa is a nonimmigrant visa category for individuals who possess extraordinary sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics abilities.

What is an O-1 Visa? 

An EB-1 visa is an immigrant visa suitable for individuals coming to the US-based on their extraordinary skills. 

What is an EB-1A Visa? 

They have the following differences that you should know:  

Term of Stay 

Sponsorship Requirement

Eligibility Requirements 

Domain Area

Rights Granted to Family 

Although the extent of rights on an EB-1 Visa is greater than an O-1 visa, the burden to prove, your extraordinary ability is also higher. You have to choose which Visa suits you better and then apply for that Visa. Suppose you face trouble in deciding which Visa has the highest chances of getting approved. In that case, you can consult our immigration experts.