Naturalization Oath Ceremony

By Marco Christiansen | Jun 21, 2021

Oath of Allegiance is the answer 


Have you wondered what the final step of your naturalization process is?


What are all things you require and what to do after you have passed your naturalization interview?

What is Oath of Allegiance? 

After successfully passing your Naturalization and Citizenship interview, you have to wait for your citizenship until your Naturalization Oath Ceremony. 

Why is the Oath Ceremony important?  

USCIS is dedicated to enhancing the naturalization ceremony's significance as a venue for recognizing the rights, duties, and importance of citizenship.

After the ceremony you can do the following:  

Apply for a US Passp

Register to Vote

File permanent resident petitions for family member

You can take all other advantages and have the rights that a US citizen would have. 

What if I do not attend the Oath ceremony? 

Knowing the importance of the Oath ceremony, you should make every possible effort not to miss the ceremony on the scheduled date.

If you cannot attend the ceremony, you must submit a letter to the USCIS explaining your absence. You should also return Form N-445 (your appointment notice) along with the letter by certified mail with a return receipt. 

You should have known quite a lot about the Citizenship Oath Ceremony and how you can request rescheduling if you miss the ceremony.