Apply for an Emergency Visa Appointment

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Traveling to the US through the normal process may take some time. Because hundreds of applications are being processed every day, you should not wonder if you get a later date for your visa appointment. 

What is an Emergency Visa Appointment? 

There can be many reasons that you want to travel to the US, let’s say in the next 2-3 months maximum, such as — your family member in the US is facing medical issues or you are a student and your course in the US university is about to start. At the present moment, the US embassies and consulates are facing delays because of COVID 19, and the visa appointments are scheduled after months.

How can I prove my case for an emergency visa appointment? 


To get your emergency appointment for your visa, you have to provide documentation proving that you have an emergency to travel to the US. Your application will be rejected if you do not provide any reason for approving your emergency visa appointment.

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The US authorities are reasonable to understand an emergency case and give you an earlier appointment if you have some genuine emergency. 

For getting your emergency visa appointment request approved, you should support your request with proper documentation. If you want to apply for an emergency appointment, you can take help from our experienced immigration attorneys.