Appeal an Unfavorable Immigration Decision

It is common for individuals to get disheartened when the decision is not ruled in their favor. Most of the time, people think that they have fulfilled all the visa requirements and paid the correct fees, and even then, the immigration decision is not in their favor, so they want to appeal the decision.

USCIS allows certain applicants to file an appeal if they think their rights are affected by the immigration decision and believe they have strong grounds to overturn a decision.

How will I check whether I am eligible to file an appeal or not? 

Form I-290B (Notice of Appeal or Motion) is the legal document that must be submitted when filing an appeal or motion to a visa petition refusal or any deportation order. 

Form I-290B

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What is the filing fee for Form I-290B?

Where can I file Form I-290B? 

What is the time period for filing Form I-290B? 

The most common mistake people make that results in rejection of their immigration appeal is improperly filing the appeal with the AAO. In such cases, it is easy for the AAO to simply reject the appeals on the grounds that it is improperly filed. You must consult an immigration attorney if you have decided to file an immigration appeal.

What are the common grounds for the rejection of an immigration appeal? 

If you think that you have grounds to overturn the initial adverse immigration decision, you can appeal against the decision by filing Form I-290B. If you want to take the help of immigration experts, you can contact the “Sethi and Mazaheri” law firm, which helps individuals in resolving their complex immigration cases.