Artistic Exhibitions and Showcase

Eb-1: Display of Your Work

As a petitioner, you want your petition for an EB-1 visa to get approved quickly. Still, you are unsure what three criteria you should target to fulfill the requirement laid down by the USCIS to demonstrate your “extraordinary ability.”

Eb-1 visa


What are artistic exhibitions and showcases?

Public display of your work may take a variety of forms. USCIS focuses on the display of work at artistic exhibitions and showcases to satisfy this criterion. 

It should be noted that the exhibitions or showcases should be of your work. Your secondary role will not add up to your advantage for this criterion.  You must be an artist having his painting displayed in the exhibition to qualify.  

Will my assisting role in the display of other’s work satisfy the requirement of this criterion?

To a larger extent, USCIS will undoubtedly look upon the prestige of the exhibition or showcase. The immigration officer assessing your application will examine whether the show was distinguished or not. 

Does the USCIS look upon the prestige of the show? 

Many would argue that live performances such as dance are an example of exhibition or showcase, displaying the dancer’s talent in front of the audience. But does USCIS consider such live performances as a piece of evidence for this criterion? The answer is NO! 

Suppose your work has been previously displayed at exhibitions or showcases, and you are trying to enter the US through an EB-1 visa under the “extraordinary ability” category. In that case, this category is worth including as evidence of your extraordinary talent in your field.