Documents Checklist

for Adjustment of Status Interview

There are many additional benefits for a green card holder than for other nonimmigrant visa holders, like traveling freely within the US with fewer restrictions. Due to these benefits, many people go for adjustment of status, i.e., transitioning from a nonimmigrant visa to a green card. 

Form I-485 is used to adjust your status to legal permanent residence and get a green card. Adjusting your status is part of getting a green card in the US.  

What Is Form I-485? 

Due to the complexity of the process of adjusting your immigration status, it’s beneficial to start with a checklist of everything you’ll need to ensure the procedure goes smoothly.  

Documents Checklist 

items to the interview:  

Checklist for immediate relative to a green card holder or US citizen  

Checklist for Employment-Based Form I-485 Applicant

You could be filing your adjustment of status application from a family-based green card or employment-based green card, and you want the process to go smoothly.