Difference Between an Eb2 Visa and Eb2 NIW

What is an EB-2 Petition? 

An EB-2 visa is an employment-based second preference immigrant visa.

What is an EB-2 NIW petition? 

The EB-2 visas require a job offer and labor certification.

What are the difference between an eb2 visa and eb2 NIW(national interest waiver) visa petitions?

For an EB-2 NIW petition to get approved, you have to show that your case qualifies for National Interest Waiver.

Generally, the EB-2 NIW petitions require higher standard to get approved than EB-2 petitions. 

You should go for an EB-2 NIW category if you fulfill the basic requirements. If you are doubtful or need help filing your visa petition, you can contact Sethi and Mazaheri Law firm.