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Applying for a Marriage-based Green Card

There are tens of thousands of Americans who marry foreign spouses every year. As a result of the marriage, the spouse born outside of the United States becomes eligible for getting a green card based on their marriage.

The green card will allow your spouse to travel and stay in the United States and later apply for US citizenship when they become eligible. 

For example- If you have entered into the US as a student on an F-1 visa. While you maintain lawful status on your non-immigrant visa, you fall in love with a US citizen and marry them during your studies. You become eligible to adjust your non-immigrant status to immigrant status. The process is known as adjustment of status. 

Filing Form I-130

The first step for your adjustment application is filing Form I-130, also known as “Petition for Alien Relative.” This form is to establish the legitimacy of your marriage relationship.

Filing Form I-485

The next step after approval of Form I-130 is to file Form I-485. This form is used to show that the foreign spouse is qualified for US permanent residency. 

USCIS will verify your documents before calling you for an interview.  You have to attend an interview before you get a green card. It is the last step towards your green card application.

This is the process of adjustment of your status through a marriage-based green card. If you have any doubts regarding your immigration application, immigration attorneys at Sethi and Mazaheri law firm will help you with your case and assist you with your immigration-related queries.