Orphan Adoption Process

Adoption and Immigration

With globalization intercountry, adoption is also increasing. Thousands of US citizens have adopted children overseas in the last few decades. The process is not that simple, and sometimes the US citizens face difficulties in adopting an overseas child. 

What are the processes to immigrate my adopted child?

In the United States, there are three different processes to immigrate your adopted child.  - Hague Adoption   - Orphan Adoption (Non-Hague)     - Immigrating other adopted children

How can I apply for an overseas adoption under the Orphan Adoption process?

If you wish to adopt an overseas child under the Orphan Adoption process, you have to file Form I-600A (Application for advance processing of an orphan petition)and Form I-600(Petition to classify orphan as an immediate relative)

To adopt an overseas child under this process, the child must be an orphan. An orphan, as defined by the USCIS for this process, is a child who is born in a foreign country and has-   - No legal parents   - Incapable Single Parent

What to do after my I-600 petition is approved? 

After your I-600 petition is approved and orphan determination is completed, you can apply for an immigrant visa to allow your child to travel to the United States. Your child will get an IR-3 visa or IR-4 visa. 

Becoming a parent is a blessing. At Sethi and Mazaheri law firm, we want to make sure that nobody’s adoption petition will get rejected if they want to adopt a child. I hope you are cleared with the adoption procedure under the Orphan adoption process.