P Visa

Here is a brief description of the main features of P visa:

  • Time: The P Visa is specifically for individuals who are entering the country to perform at a specific event, tour, or competition. Therefore, a P-visa holder’s admission is generally for the duration of the event, tour or competition, for a period of up to one year. However, the initial period of stay for an athlete can be up to five years. Extensions are available for this type of visa.
  • Area of Expertise: Arts, Entertainment, Athletics.
  • The Standard: Athletes must demonstrate that they are competing at an internationally recognized level; performers must show that have achieved international recognition.
  • Significant Application Requirements: A written advisory opinion issued by a labor organization governing the applicant’s field.

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In deciding whether to apply for the EB-1, O or P visa—or whether to pursue a different immigration strategy entirely—it is essential to consult with an immigration attorney well-versed in the full range of visas for exceptionally talented persons.

At Sethi & Mazaheri, our firm will advise you of the different options available and the challenges associated with each option. Most importantly, our attorneys have the ability and experience to ensure that your visa application has the maximum chance of success. To find out if you qualify for any of these visas, contact us for a free consultation.

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